A wide variety of fish can be caught in the large lakes at De Huttenheugte. These include whitefish such as rock-bass, bream, carp and tench. But you could also catch predators, such as pike and zander.
The village is continually investing in order to guarantee the quality of your fishing holiday by:
- ensuring consistent water quality
- laying jetties to make the best fishing spots accessible
- offering boat hire to allow you to fish offshore.

Sales of fresh bait, boilies and a wide range of fishing-gear.
You can also book our special "Fishing"-arrangement: - Free selection of prefered of fishing spot - 12,50€ voucher for bait or fishing gear in Toys & Souvenirs - One day free boat rental to experience fishing from the water - Free depth map of the lake with the best fishing spots - Value: 125,00 € - Price: 75,00 € per booking in presales.


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