Landal Domein De Schatberg

Varied Limburg

Landal Domein De Schatberg is a diverse park with many great activities that are all about having fun! There is no time to get bored at this park with a lively centre and a large campsite.

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pool 
  • Plenty of facilities for the whole family
  • 170 bungalows, some located along the water
Is this Limburg? Eating beside the water, swimming in the water and the sun setting over the water. This probably wouldn’t make you think of Limburg. But appearances can be deceptive: Landal Domein De Schatberg is situated close to the Groote Peel nature conservation area. From the terrace of your waterside accommodation, the countryside will look very different to the countryside you are used to in Limburg. When you go cycling in the neighbourhood, you will be astounded by the varied natural environment. What will you be doing tomorrow? Go to Germany perhaps, after all it is only just around the corner? Or enjoy the comprehensive facilities at the park? This holiday will be a journey of discovery…

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