Holiday villages nearby Dordrecht

Dordrecht is often an undiscovered gem of South Holland. Many know it from the famous saying: The closer to Dordt ..., but have not visited the city before. Until they actually walk around and enjoy. Dordrecht as a shopping city is certainly worth exploring. In this special city with a rich past, the foundation has been laid for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Visitor are in good company. In the past, the city was very popular with famous painters, such as Vincent van Gogh and Ary Scheffer. And today, Dordrecht often still appears as a location for film productions. Take a good look at films such as Zwartboek, Kruimeltje and Bombardement. You will certainly recognize the Dordrecht atmosphere and historic environment. So let yourself be surprised by all the beauty that Dordrecht has to offer in the areas of architecture, shopping, museums and culinary surprises.